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Intuitive Guidance Services - 33 Minute Readings

Intuitive Guidance Services - 33 Minute Readings

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Are you looking for guidance?

While I am expanding my knowledge in karmic evolutionary astrology and divinatory symbology, I am available to assist you with intuitive guidance. 

Please schedule a time from the calendar for your reading, and in the note section, please include: your complete date of birth (day, month, year,) time (if possible!,) and place (city, state, country.) 

At this time, I request scheduling at least two days prior to your appointment so I may have ample time to study your chart. If you have a specific question or issue you are looking to have answers/resolved, you are welcome to include that information in the note section of checkout. 

I'm working on my own personal style of intuitive reading combined with astrology - I want to study your chart for a short while so I know where you're coming from, where you need to go, and how I can help you - after I have this information, I will feel more connected to you and your spiritual path, and will consult multiple oracles for answers to your questions. 

I am currently studying: karmic evolutionary astrology, sacred geometry, Sabian symbols, Tarot, Jungian psychology.

Please note that I am still in my beginning stages of harnessing my intuitive powers and analyzing astrological birth charts. My guidance is meant to support and empower you to make the changes necessary to reach your highest potential. I am not a therapist or psychologist, so my guidance is not meant to replace these trained professionals, and if you are seeking help for something that is out of my zone of care (such as severe depression, suicidal thoughts/attempts, or if you or someone you know is creating harm to you or others,) I will suggest contacting someone of a higher degree than myself. I want to provide you with the strength and confidence that astrology and symbology has given to me, and nothing more.