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Moon in Aries

12/6/19 Good Morning Moonbabies! It’s Jilly Moon with a Cosmic Report for you this Friday, our day of the week governed by Venus, the planetary energy that enhances our relationships, our finances, and harmony.  Mother Moon is in Warrior Baby Aries - the first sign of the Zodiac - representing our energies and abilities to assert ourselves and pursue our goals and needs. Aries is the initial spark of a cycle - the energy within us that is ready to begin. Wherever you have Aries in your chart is where you have a lot of beginnings - a lot of sparks of excitement. Though, to use your Aries energy in a conscious and efficient manner, you need to know when...

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First Quarter Moon Phase

12/4/19 Hello Moonbabes! Happy Wednesday - our day of Mercury.  Mother Moon is floating through the intuitive realms of Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac, ruler of the 12th House, governed by the planetary energies of Neptune, and traditionally, Jupiter.  As I speak, the Mother Moon is kissing Neptune - both are stationed at 15 degrees Pisces, heightening our intuitive responses and opening our hearts to higher ideals and heavenly inspired creativity.  If you’re feeling exhausted, your body is sore, or tight, listen to it and be gentle with yourself. Pisces energy asks us to slow down, listen to our inner guidance, and make peace with all that which we cannot control.  Overnight, Mother Moon in Pisces squared Father...

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Moon in Pisces

12/3/19 Hello Moonbabies! Welcome to Tuesday - the day of our week ruled by Mars energy.  Mother Moon has ingressed into Mystical Pisces - her last stop on her creative journey. Pisces energy is rest and recovery - it’s a time for letting go of control and dissolving egos - a time to float embraced in cosmic love - trusting the Universe has your back.  Though,  we’re in the Crescent Phase of the Sagittarius New Moon Cycle, a time for action and creating new habits that will lead to our freedom. So, this Pisces Moon is active - we’re lessening our loads and seeking creative solutions.  Venus in Capricorn is conjunct the South Node of the Moon, which also makes...

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Moon in Aquarius

12/2/19 Hello Moonbabes, Happy Moonday - Mother Moon is in Forward-Thinking Aquarius.  In the Natural Chart, this puts her in the 11th House. The 11th House holds all of our networks: friend + community groups, the internet, electricity, astrology. It’s planetary associations are Uranus, and traditionally, Saturn. The Energy you’ll encounter today will be objective and tolerant. Today we have a rather large energetic shift - Jupiter, the Expansive creative planet that rules wealth, big business, indulgences, philosophy, travel - is leaving it’s home sign of Sagittarius to travel through Capricorn for the next year.  So, if you’ve been feeling the weight of gravity pulling you down to commit to one path, you’re right on track - because that’s precisely...

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Full Moon in Pisces

Hello Moonchild!Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, and I hope my work can warm your heart today. 9/9/19 Mother Moon is in her fall, Capricorn, the Seagoat, where we trade compassion + intuition for structure + prestige. Every time the Moon is in Capricorn, she passes by the current cluster of Capricorn energies in our heavens - Saturn, the South Node of the Moon, and finally, Pluto. Each Capricorn Moon phase is allowing us to step into our authority, release our collective karma, and transform our structures - it's a lot of work we're expected to do each month, but it will all be worth it in the end. Saturn will enter Aquarius on...

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