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New Moon in Virgo

Hello Moonchild!
Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


Mother Moon is currently waning in her dignified sign, Cancer. Right now She is in Her Last Quarter Phase, where the Moon begins to go dark, preparing us for the New Moon in Virgo on Friday, 8/31, at 6:37 AM EDT. The Last Quarter Phase is where we begin to embrace the change the Full Moon gave us, allowing us to open our hearts + minds to the process we must undertake. This phase teaches us how we must separate our emotional reaction to the Full Moon to re-evaluate + trust where we may begin again. Seeing as Mother Moon is in Cancer (the Caretaker + Chariot), She is asking you to observe your emotional patterns in order to bring in more trust + understanding for where you are headed. 

The Moon heads into Leo (the Sun + Ego) on Tuesday night as She continues to wane into the Balsamic Phase, or Waning Crescent. As the Moon begins to encourage us to understand our Light, our Ego, our Selves, She also encourages us to release the cycle we are completing, shifting our attention inward, and asking us to surrender to emptiness. We do not need to worry in this phase, instead, we should offer our Emotions to Mother Moon to heal + soothe any ache we might have experienced. I lovingly refer to a Leo Moon as an emotional ego, because the Fixed Fire of Leo has a harder time letting go of itself in order to connect deeply inside + out. Listen to any resistance your emotions might be causing you during this phase, and reflect on where this resistance is truly coming from. Identifying the source is the best way to clear the problem, especially seeing that the Virgo New Moon is coming to clean up and rebirth.

Thursday night the Moon heads into Virgo (the Organizer + Scientist) to meet with the Sun (ego + vitality), Mercury (communications + ideas), Venus (love + pleasure), and Mars (drive + aggression). When the Sun and Moon meet, the Moon goes dark, giving us a reboot in our emotional understanding, producing a fresh slate, with infinite possibilities, formally known as a New Moon. Our Virgo New Moon is exact Friday morning, at 6:37 AM EDT. The New Moon is our time to make a wish, set an intention, or develop our Sankalpa, which the Vedics refer to as an intention formed by heart + mind, a tool used to harness the will. With this Moon, sankalpa seems to be the most appropriate term, given that Virgo puts all its information into practical use, creating a detailed plan to accomplish its wishes. This sankalpa will be a powerful one, given that your Head (Mercury), Heart (Venus), and Will (Mars) are all coming together to drive your intention into the Universe. Whatever you are narrowing down to create this New Moon will be best supported by a well-thought out plan, an inventory of all things that support or hinder your growth, and an eye for detail. 

Now is not the time to cut corners, Moonchild. Not only do we have a Virgo Stellium in the sky, but the Virgo Stellium is trining Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. When planets are in Trine with each other, the aspects flow harmoniously and work together to accomplish the goal. This insight or development of your sankalpa may be a part of your work + karma (Saturn) in revolutionizing + developing the world you wish to create (Uranus). This moon phase will be the key to unlocking your next step, which will bring you closer to being the person you already are, thus raising the vibration of your base. Your development not only impacts you, but the world around you, too. When you are living in alignment with your Highest Light, you are inspiring others to do the same, which will revolutionize your communities. Imagine if we could encourage all of our brothers and sisters to live their Highest and most Authentic Light - the world would be beautiful, radiant, and healthy. I promise that this world is not a fantasy, it will be our reality if we aim to coexist with our Earth. Our Earth is begging for us to wake up to the way that low level consciousness has been running amuck by offering us enlightenment, one human at a time. My dear, enlightenment simply exists as we align ourselves, which is how you’re here with me today. 

Whatever your sankalpa is this Virgo New Moon, I trust that you are divinely supported by the Cosmos and you are in alignment with your Highest Wishes. You are going to change the world, one day at a time.

The light in me honors the light in you,


-Alexis Kelli