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New Moon in Libra

Hello Moonchild!
Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


Greetings, StarChild - do you feel that? Mother Moon is new at 5° Libra today. She met with the Sun at 2:26 PM EDT, thus sparking the Libra New Moon. New Moons are the bottom of the barrel - they are marked as the end + beginning of our lunar cycle. When the Moon (Emotions + Subjective Awareness) meets the Sun (Ego + Light of Consciousness), an awareness is ignited, a moment is had with our consciousness, and we begin to ponder. Upon reflecting on this new information, we then make a resolution- a Sankalpa -an intention formed by Heart and Mind. As the Moon waxes toward full, our awareness continues to grow + expand and our Sankalpa begins to take shape + materialize.

Here, at the Libra New Moon, our Sun is in its fall, meaning it is subtle or weakened. Libra (the Diplomat + Just + Peacekeeper) has a more difficult time expressing itself as the Sun. The Sun is our Ego, it is our Vitality and how the Self expresses. Libra Sun might negate itself, self-sacrifice for the harmony of the world around it, or simply give in to others' wishes more than it would like to. When Veus ruled Libra is self-aware in the Sun, Libra expresses itself with Grace + Harmony + Love. I often find native Libra Suns to be extremely charismatic, humorous, and warm. You could call them in a panic, and somehow they are able to make you laugh and feel like all is well - even just for the moment. Here at this New Moon time, Libra is seeking to make Peace + Balance within your Heart + Mind through your relationship with others. 

The Sabian Symbol for 5° Libra is “A Man Teaching The True Inner Knowledge of The New World to His Students.” The symbol signifies guidance + protection on our path, seeking answers + truth for complicated questions, and speaking our truth + imparting knowledge on others. Given that the New Moon is in opposition to Chiron (our Wise + Wounded Healer) in Aries (Self), this symbol is a stark reminder of our mission at hand. If we aim to create peace within ourSelves, then we must face our pain + ask difficult questions in ourselves and our relationships. For some of us, me included, this New Moon may bring insight to wounds that have been covered up or forgotten about. We must acknowledge + identify our wounds, admit they hurt us, then make a plan on how we will heal + nurture them. For others, this New Moon may bring us closure on wounds we have been processing, or show us just how far we have come within our pain. Either way, this New Moon is sure to bring Love + Awareness to whatever it is you are facing within yourself + others.

During this time, Venus (Love + Pleasure) and Mercury (Communication + Ideas) in Libra are in trine (harmony) with Jupiter (Generosity + Expansion) in Sagittarius (Visionary). Whatever you may need to feel nurtured is within your reach. The things that will bring your life harmony are easily communicated + reciprocated by the world around you. Try structuring your Sankalpa into your ideas + self care routines and watch how the world falls together with you. When your world is seamlessly coming together, there are opportunities and experiences at all corners. When you live in alignment with your Peace, the World responds with the situations to keep expanding. Know that living in alignment + peace is not just obtained then promised forever. Living in alignment means that you have the discipline to say no to what isn’t it, and when the scales tip to discord, you have the Will + Strength to face things head on. I trust you do, so dream big + adjust accordingly.

The light in me honors the light in you.


~Alexis Kelli