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New Moon in Leo

Hello Moonchild!
Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


Mother Moon is in her dignity of Cancer, Cardinal Water, today, entering the proud Fixed Fire sign of Leo around 9 am on Wednesday morning, before meeting with the regal Sun, in it's dignity of Leo, at 11:11 pm EDT. The beginning of a new cycle of emotional awareness has arrived. What emotions will you be healing - shedding light on - this cycle? 

Mercury has been Retrograde for the majority of this month and will station direct on Wednesday, right before the New Moon. The processing of our past obstacles - from our ability to shine to our ability to nurture oursevles - is about to be complete. Hopefully you were able to reflect back on any struggles you've experienced with being acknowledged + nurtured - and I hope you found your answer within you - because that is where it lies. No one truly has the ability to acknowledge + nurture you in the way that your soul needs - that type of love can only come from within. 

For me, having Mercury Retrograde natally means each Mercury Retrograde period for me is a chance to re-write my ancestral past. Today, along with my new co-creator (and nodal opposite,) Alexis, I began the work to connect with my Chakra (energy) centers. When our energies are flowing uninhibited from head to toe we experience complete health + proper alignment. So much of our daily suffering can be alleviated by working on these centers. They are not a pill. They are not a specialist telling you what to do. They are your sacred centers that provide your life force that you can tap into at any time when activated properly.

This morning we began to activate + access our Earth Star energy - the energy that we bring into this life from our past lives - in astrology, this can be likened to the energy of your South Node (karma.) This energy is deeply ingrained in you - young children express their Earth Star energy freely, which is why we commonly hear of children recalling past life memories or having knowledge of subjects they have never studied. 

The exercise from a book I am studying, "The Ultimate Guide to Chakras" by Athena Perrakis, Ph.D., began with an embodiment exercise for sensing our ancestral imprints. Flowing into the exercise, I felt no pain, and I felt relatively at peace + comfortable. When the exercise asked me to imagine the image of my father + his father, my shoulders + neck on my left side began to ache heavily. Similarly as they had ached in the past when I struggled with chronic neck + back pain. The exercise then asked me to imagine my mother + her mother, and my body responded with sharp pains in my lower back, neck + shoulders, but only on my right side. Something I was not aware of until this practice - the left side of the body is spiritually connected with your paternal line, and your right side of your body is spiritually connected with your maternal line. 

The pain I was experiencing was a sign of energy blockage in my ancestral imprint - this is pain that originated in the lives of my father + mother - pain that has never been transmuted + has now become stagnant + toxic to well-being. 

The Chakras that were inflamed were the Throat, Heart + Sacral centers. As I began to visualize this pain, my soul sent healing + love to both of my parents - I know this pain is real. I know my parents well.

The Throat Chakra is connected to our Truth. When we are unable to communicate our truth this energy channel becomes blocked. If you were ever silenced or repressed as a child, you may experience issues with this center. This center is associated with Taurus/2nd House.

The Heart Chakra is our energy center and regulates all energy flow - the ability to heal + love are accessed here. When we are unable to openly love + expand our compassion to all people we feel depressed + pessimistic. If you had ever been shamed for who or what you love in this world, the energy here becomes blocked + you experience the inability to truly love yourself or others. This energy center is associated with Cancer/4th House.

The Sacral Chakra is our center for creation + procreation and is located between our reproductive organs in the center of our lower abdomen. When energy is allowed to flow freely here, we feel inspired, creative, with strong + powerful sexual energy. When this energy is blocked, we experience "creative blocks," loss of interest in activities, and possible infertility. This is the result of sexual trauma. This energy center is associated with Leo/5th House. 

My personal healing process has included studying the energies of both of my parents and my siblings, a process I highly recommend for a truly holistic approach to healing (please reach out if you are interested in this type of in-depth healing work.) Bringing awareness to the truth of yourself or your relatives helps to complete the circle and unblock energy channels. I've discovered in my healing process that I was born to two individuals who were/are in great pain. There has been so much of their lives that has remained a mystery for me - kept hidden for fear of spreading the pain any further. Though, what they did not realize is that their silent suffering is generating the greatest pain of all. Energy leaves imprints. And when energy accumulates in one area for so long, it has toxic implications. Their pain, whether acknowledged or not, is imprinted in their children's energy fields.

My parents created 4 humans together, and all 4 of the humans were graced with unusual intuitive healer powers - each of us has a strong connection with the Wounder Healer asteroid, Chiron. Each of us is carrying the weight of the pain from those before us - we feel outcasted with many hard lessons...and it won't be until our parents are able to transmute their pain that we may begin to feel the weight lifted. However, transmutation does not always come. Healing your inner child requires work + dedication, but also, vulnerability + truth. All of those necessary ingredients for proper alignment are currently blocked in their bodies - so the process will be painful and hard. For me, probably because I have an Aries Sun with Pluto in Scorpio in my 1st House, challenges awaken my spirit - though, I'm often reminded that not everyone has this response to obstacles. Especially if someone was regularly dismissed or neglected, the idea of facing something new + challenging can result in anxiety + depression. This is one of my Mercury Retrograde revelations - my impatience to stagnant growth combined with my overactive mind with trauma directly associated with the opinions of others (Chiron in Gemini,) means I get frustrated when I'm not fully understood (or not taken seriously) in my abilities to grow, and I react with two possible extremes: complete laceration  of the connection or complete silence of my pain. I am working on finding the balance - and I believe I will - it is part of my soul's work in this lifetime to end the pattern of being misunderstood + silenced for my future generations. 

This New Moon in Leo, on Wednesday, July 31st at 11:11 pm EDT, will open on my North Node degree - 0 degrees Taurus - Sabian Symbol "A Clear Mountain Stream." Our souls are ready to find stillness + peace. The Midheaven will be on 16 degrees Capricorn - Sabian Symbol "School grounds filled with boys and girls in gymnasium suits." Our egos will be trying to work things out with others - expressing our energies in a way that encourages a strong, healthy, and equal exchange. The next several years that Uranus is in Taurus will bring us back to sustainability practices. The health of our country is rapidly deteriorating - the amount of humans near + dear to me who have accomplished careers, yet are still struggling financially, is truly heart breaking. Taurus is about finding solid ground and forming a relationship with the Earth that is heart-centered and sustainable. In the next coming years, expect to find yourself closer to others in a more intimate + expressive way - we'll be pouring our resources together and finding common ground. This is only the beginning of the huge shift. To prepare for this, you must heal. You must find your power. What is it that makes you special? How does it connect with society? How can you monetize it? Think on this!

Thank you for reading along on this week's extra long post. I have started to venture into the land of IG-TV (Instagram TV @virgomoonbotanicals) and will be posting regular updates. I have a lot of experience + knowledge to share - I used to think I needed to find a partner to talk all day with, but I've discovered that my insight is more valuable than that and that it can help hundreds; I was limiting myself by keeping it exclusive to one soul - I am beginning to truly own my power and I wish to help you own your's too.

Sending my love + blessings + endless gratitude to you.

Be Well


Jilly xo