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New Moon in Gemini

Hello Moonchild!
Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, 
and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


Welcome New Moon in Gemini! The time of year when we receive a new lease on communications - in our interests, in our local community, and in our perceptions. Gemini is the ruler of Mercury + the 3rd House affairs - so think quick + local - anything that is at "an arm's distance" is Gemini, so the energy can easily manifest as short attention spans and slips of the tongue, giving the unmindful Gemini a bad rap. The Tarot card associated with Gemini is Key 6 - the Lovers; as romantic as it may sound, the true interpretation is that of moral choices - vice vs. virtue. Geminis excel at duality of thought; the energy is simultaneously mind/rationality and heart/emotion - it is pure intellectual ecstasy, and also, pure love - having the ability to hold multiple viewpoints allows one to hold space for diversity + acceptance; and that is why the Twins of Gemini may refer to siblings, lovers, or two opposing options. Gemini energy is also closely associated with the Tarot card, Key 1 - the Magician, who is the ultimate alchemist - using every element available to create something better - bigger - greater. Mindfulness can be the greatest asset to Gemini energy, as the energy can be confusing if not directed properly - one must know exactly what they are manifesting + be clear with their intentions before putting on their wizard hat. As much as Gemini energy prefers to stick with what + who is familiar and close by, the best thing this energy can do is explore + study the universe within them and everything surrounding them as objective as possible.  Gemini Natives - those with strong Gemini energy in their charts (Rising, Sun, Moon, North Node...) must gravitate towards the Sagittarian pole of their charts to balance their face-paced mind - exploring meditation + spirituality are essential for these natives. 

This New Moon cycle may be lifting the veils for many in the collective. Renewed thought + the reminder of fresh air outside our windows has us visualizing the possibilities - things seem new + exciting; our relationships are evolving as we had manifested; our egos are feeling more confident and ready to take on the challenges towards growth; + our roots are receiving sustenance through the study of our histories. An interest in topics that you had previously disregarded as invaluable to your growth may blossom - follow that instinct to dive into the mysteries so you may evolve stronger + lighter this cycle. 

Our greatest luck this cycle will be our re-emergence into the community as an aware individual capable of dual thought. The current movement towards holistic health is being led by Mother Moon's nurturing Cancer North Node, though, we cannot have wholeness without accepting the whole.  We've become aware of the mind-body connection and we're seeking re-programming. Good vs. Bad - we're open to them being the same.

Our emotions are heavily guiding us this next cycle - if we are able to look within + offer compassion to others, and remain devoted to the cause, we may find ourselves happily opening the doorways to soulmates who are offering opportunities + advancements on our path. Attitude is essential - focus on the silver-lining in every experience to bridge the gaps in your journey towards wholeness. 

The Moon enters Cancer, the Chariot, on 6/4/19 at 12:17 pm EST.