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Moon in Virgo

Hello Moonchild!
Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, 
and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


Today Mother Moon is waxing towards fullness in the sign of Virgo, the Astrologer, the Organizer, the Dedicated Craftsman. She is providing us with more light to illuminate our path. Transformations are happening at record speed within the collective - things are falling a part and falling together - this is the natural progression of life, and our psyches may be struggling with these quick changes, especially if you were born before "millennials," and were not raised in the digital era. On Saturday, we will have a Full Moon in Scorpio, at 5:11 pm EST. When the Moon is full, the Sun + Moon are at an opposition, creating awareness within our psyches between Ego (Sun) + Emotion (Moon.) This is why energy is at it's peak, and this is also why turning points are often experienced during a Full Moon phase. When our Egos and Emotions are heightened, we're generally seeking validation, recognition, and reassurance. Remember, moonchild, the greatest validation, recognition, and reassurance can only come from yourself. A Scorpio Full Moon has the potential to be dramatic - Fixed Water runs psychically deep and desires to merge with all it passes by - this is why many find Scorpio energy to be intense - where passion + transformation meet. However, the cosmos are showing me big opportunities for advancement on this Full Moon. If you are beginning to receive psychic downloads about your true calling - do not ignore them. Awaken to the calling. Our greatest luck + joy this Full Moon will be when we open ourselves up to our innate abilities - our gifts - and share them with someone else - either with a partner or in business. We are awakening to the fact that we cannot do it alone - we need to welcome others in. If we wish to succeed and also have abundance, we must include others. No one is an island. No one is capable of building it alone. But you are special and what you have to offer to the collective is useful - though, you need to work together with like-minded individuals + towards a common goal, or you may miss out on reaching your highest potential. 

This reminds me of a recent episode of Game of Thrones. Daenerys, Mother of Dragons, had made a statement at the beginning of the season that truly shocked me - and I'm sure many viewers shared in my dismay - she stated that the Gods didn't help her - that no one helped her - that she had prayed to herself for strength and guidance. This is incredibly misguided and also pointing to Daenerys' character flaw - the Ego. She has blown her entire being out of proportion - she does not see herself as standing on the same level ground as her peers. She is welcoming misfortune when she only relies on herself. She is not an island. She became great because of others who helped her along her path and who believed in her cause. Not because she was a God. But because she wasn't a God, because she was human. She is beginning to lose sight of what is important because all she can see is her own pain + desire to control. This can be a shadow aspect to Scorpio - becoming so fixated on a cause and then losing sight of the vision when pain overcomes the soul - and then, burning it all to the ground in a fit of fury. Don't be like Daenerys. Work on small, controlled fires to release what is no longer serving you, and focus on the beauty + value that you do have that you can enhance + grow along with. 

The Moon moves into Libra, the Diplomat, on 5/14/19 at 2:51 pm EST.