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Moon in Virgo

Hello Moonchild!
Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, 
and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


The First Quarter Moon is in Mutable Earth, Virgo, the Physical Healer of the Zodiac. The energy of the collective is focused on pushing through the week's challenges by movement and adaptability. Where can you lean in, add a bit of elbow grease, and refine in your intentions? The Moon will be opposing Mercury (Communication/Thinking,) Venus (Values/Harmony) and Neptune (Ideals/Spirituality) in Pisces (the Spiritual Healer - sister to Virgo) - our awareness of how our movement + organization (Virgo things) affects our communication, harmony + ideals is growing; reach out + engage with love + kindness (to yourself + others) to achieve re-alignment if you've found yourself completely imbalanced in these areas. It is human to fall off course, and it is even more human to accept and forgive. 

This Friday we have our second Full Moon in Libra (a Blue Moon) of the Aries season. This is a potent time to re-asses your relationship lessons over the past year. At the beginning of Aries season, we had our first Full Moon of the Astrological calendar, in Libra, and we began to emerge from our winter introspection and solitude with a brighter outlook on relationships, though, Mercury was retrograde in Pisces, and our minds were a bit clouded + idealistic + in introspection-overdrive. On Wednesday, Mercury will make it's ingress into Aries, after an extended stay in Pisces, and our thought patterns will begin to take speed - we were in some deep unconscious waters! The insights from this period are important for your evolutionary soul growth - be sure to write them down and take time to reflect. I hope you discovered the most virtuous aspect of Pisces energy - unconditional love + understanding. Evolved Pisces energy is pure brotherly/sisterly love of complete surrender; however, the shadow Pisces energy is escapism, fear, and isolation. Stay attuned to your energy - recognize where you may be holding onto something out of fear of the unknown - use breath work and meditation to help your body ease into these painful evolutionary adjustments. Welcome the change - the growth - the pain. Its just a phase. This Friday, circle back to the beginning of Aries season - March 21-23 - what have you uncovered about relationships since then? Are you surprised at how much has changed? Use that insight to make the wise + thoughtful decisions to cut the additional ties that have shown themselves to be hindering your growth + highest potential. Aries is a scorcher - and when Mercury is in Aries, you do need to be mindful of your words - your communication will surely get a boost - or a boot. 

Moon enters Libra, the Diplomat, on 4/17/19 at 7:22 am EST.