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Moon in Taurus - First Quarter Phase

Hello Moonchild!
Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


The Moon (Emotions) is in Fixed Earth, Taurus (the Builder.) Tonight, the Moon will square the Sun (Ego) in Aquarius (the Innovator,) beginning our First Quarter Phase following the New Moon in Aquarius a week ago. Taurus is the perfect energy to begin this phase - we've been laying the groundwork, remaining cautious, and sticking to what is secure. When the the luminaries square tonight, the energy created will have us focusing on building something new in our lives. This energy needs to be used in a constructive manner, so beware of falling into aggression - this aspect provides a challenge for us that we must overcome for our growth. 

The Moon will move into Gemini (the Magician) in the early morning of 2.13.19 providing us with the language and duality to smooth out any rough edges brought about during this First Quarter Phase, as well as the current Mars (Energy) and Uranus (Revolution) conjunction in Aries (the Initiator.) The atmosphere is fertile for new beginnings - where are you going to be when Uranus enters back into Taurus on March 7th? The next 7 year revolution is about to begin, are you where you need to be to build the future you envisioned while Uranus was in Aries? 

Earlier this week, Mercury, the messenger planet, entered Pisces, the mutable water sign associated with the zodiac's higher realms of consciousness. Mercury will be here until April 17th, as it will retrograde here, the period of time is longer than usual. Mercury is our thinking, communication, learning style, friendships; so all of these aspects of our life will be coated in the hazy, compassionate ethereal glow of Pisces for a couple of months. My natal placement of Mercury is in Pisces, and for most of my life I found myself often misunderstood and confused, which led to a lot of pain + suffering. You see, I work in symbols and visualizations - pictures and poetry are my first language. Growing up, if I could not visualize something I would become frustrated and angry - especially if it was a topic I was not interested in - I would often think there was something wrong with my brain...most of the other classmates didn't struggle like I did. It turns out, my Mercury in Pisces was a blessing in disguise - yes, things can be a bit hazy for me, and I often get distracted and lost in thought, but the rewards of being able to close my eyes and visualize my thought patterns and connections with others is what has led me here. The images and connections never stop flowing in and out of consciousness, giving me the ability to piece bits of information together that seemingly come from nowhere. And, to be honest, I never feel completely alone, my thoughts are always connected with those I love. 

Today is also the birthday of one of my personal heroes, Charles Darwin. He was born in Shrewsbury, England in 1809, while Mercury was in Pisces - in fact, 5 planetary bodies were in Pisces when he was born - Jupiter, Pluto, Ceres, and Juno were all sailing through the same waters. Darwin is known for his theory on Evolution - a theory that he had tirelessly dedicated himself to piecing together for over 20 years. He did not share his findings until he was 50 years old, right when another scientist was ready to report his own findings on the same theory. I recall learning about Darwin during my early biology courses, and I instantly became enamored by his story; there was something pure + true about his search and discovery. I believe Darwin could have published On the Origin of Species years earlier if he had not been crippled by self-doubt - the shadow often cast by many Pisces natives. His written letters to friends and family while aboard the HMS Beagle showcased this emotion regularly. Though, it was his unusual ability to visualize and piece together patterns which gave us a very thorough, and beautifully detailed theory of evolution. 

Use this extended period of Mercury in Pisces to piece the abstract information together to create beautiful prose, art, and connections - starting with your community, as this Moon Phase is dedicated to us exploring our places there. Visualize deeply + compassionately.