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Moon in Taurus

Hello Moonchild!
Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


Welcome to the Last Quarter Moon. A time of purposeful release + regeneration. Mother Moon is sitting in Taurus, the Fixed Earth sign of the zodiac, nourishing our psyches with energies of self-preservation - the fire from Aries has passed, now it's time to reflect on what has remained. Last week's Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse was more confusing + illuminating than I could have imagined. The re-surfacing of long buried emotions were erupting in every environment I observed, including my own. Eruption is certainly the keyword I will forever associate with this past culmination; Pluto was the biggest player of the zodiac in the cosmic expression - the God of the Underworld was beside Chariklo, the non-dimensional healer (also, wife to Chiron and close companion to Pallas Athena.) Chariklo was discovered in February 1997 so our understanding of her psychological impact is still new, though, I have begun to notice a pattern in the Souls with strong Chariklo energies - they seem to have an otherworldly, magical perception - their senses are heightened in the house she is in + with her connection with other planets or points.  She seems to be piercing through dimensions of time + space...these individuals seem almost "alien" in their abilities. She has been in close contact with Pluto for quite some time...

Pluto is the portion of our souls where we find our immutable + unconscious security needs (Jones, M. Healing the Soul, 2011.) When under stress, we unconsciously express our Pluto energies, and we have a tendency to destroy, rather than preserve or love. It is the opposite of the energies of Venus, but when balanced properly, a Pluto + Venus connection can be harmonically transformative - knowing when to let go + save are essential lessons to our self-awareness. You don't want to let go pre-maturely, but you also don't want to hold on to, or save something (material or non-material) that will lead to greater pain. The Pluto + Venus - or Scorpio + Taurus - polarity always reminds me of compost. The beautiful + nutritious vegetation (Venus/Taurus) grown with compost (Pluto/Scorpio) is the result of letting go of organic material that was no longer useful to our bodies. 

With Chariklo + Pluto dancing in the heavens, and so close to the South Node of the Moon, revelations are great at this time, but also, trans-generational pain. The South Node represents our collective karma, while the North Node represents our collective dharma. So, our senses are heightened into non-dimensional fluidity, and if we're not stable + secure in our power, especially with our spiritual powers, we may feel anxiety + react with destruction.  It's important to understand at this time that you may be picking up on truths that others are not ready for - and now is not the time to nit-pick or engage in the transference of pain. Simply be. Live + let live. Infuse every interaction with full love + acceptance. Let go of the fight. 

My hope for you during this Last Quarter Phase is to Evolve. There is Life after Death - You will find peace + happiness wherever your soul takes you. I believe in you. 

Sending infinite blessings + love to you.

Be Well.


Jilly xo