Moon in Scorpio

Hello Moonchild!
Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


The Moon (Emotions) is in Scorpio, the sign of Death + Rebirth. Since February of 2017, we have been shining the spotlight on where we need to stand in the community, and this Scorpio Moon is the final call to align. Scorpio asks us to transform - the energy can be triggering and emotional, though, if you recall, Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign, meaning, it is determined to get the job done by way of flow. Working with water can be tricky and overwhelming - you may feel like you're drowning in emotions; allow yourself to drown temporarily...sink deep into the pain - your past, your heart, your dreams - and tell yourself, "its ok, I tried my best." Once you've drowned, you can be born again - freshly cleansed and ready to gallop towards your truth. I think one of the most beautiful transitions of the Zodiac is from Scorpio to Sagittarius - on the surface, these two signs seem entirely different - Scorpio is deep, and Sagittarius is broad - but when you acknowledge that Sagittarius energy is evolved Scorpio energy, you can begin to understand why Sagittarius is connected to strong optimism and unleashed mastery. 

This week, our collective is being presented with opportunities to connect with our divine feminine power. We're being guided towards the authentic intimacy of our deepest desires, and being presented with heart matters. The soothing feminine energy is asking to be embraced - can we let go of control and welcome in the warmth and love that is within our own bodies? Can our hardened souls accept the lessons and teachings from this source? Do we follow the signs towards our deepest passions? The signs may seem off because they aren't following tradition. None of this seems to make any sense. This isn't how we were conditioned to live. The secret is that it is our very conditioning that has led us off our destined path. As the world begins to become aware of the damage that these patriarchal systems have created, it will move further and further away from these "traditions" and towards wholeness of the mind, body, and soul - and these three only follow the chaotic Universal system of our galaxy. 

The Moon will enter Sagittarius (the Archer) on 1.29.19 at 9:33 am EST.