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Moon in Sagittarius

Hello Moonchild!
Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, 
and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


Mother Moon reached peak fullness this past weekend in transformative Scorpio. Only a few hours after she became whole, she transitioned into philosophical Sagittarius, where she will be sitting until Tuesday at 3:56 am. The Full Moon energy is still pulsating through the collective - Monday morning may have felt tight and tired. Our bodies are releasing energy - allow your body to rest - bring awareness around what it is that your vessel and soul are detaching from. Give thanks to whatever it is that you are letting go of; you are making room for something new + better aligned with your purpose. During the Full Moon phase we bring full awareness around issues that may be hindering our growth, though, it is during the Disseminating Phase, beginning on Wednesday + while Mother Moon is in Capricorn (the Sage) + Aquarius (the Humanitarian,) that we fully release. By Wednesday the collective will be feeling energized and ready to follow through with the wisdom illuminated by Mother Moon in both Scorpio + Sagittarius during the Full Moon Phase. This was a powerful Full Moon - there may have been sudden realizations, shocks, secrets being revealed, big shifts in power dynamics - Mother Moon can feel intense + dark in this position; she's comfortable in her element ruler, Water, but she's different - she's probing and seductive - you want to look away but you're hooked to her allure - or perhaps you manage to run away before she corners you and exposes all of your deepest emotions.

Scorpio energies have been mislabeled + stereotyped by modern astrology - so often do I hear negative connotations + fear being attached to Scorpio; I'll admit that I used to feel similarly towards this archetype, until I discovered that I radiate strong Scorpio energies due, in part, to my 1st House Pluto in Scorpio - Pluto is the planetary ruler of Scorpio - so the energy is emphasized, and I now consider myself to be strongly Plutonian. Scorpio represents evolution - these energies are intense because they are asking you to shed + evolve - and this process of renewal is difficult + painful, so, for some, they'd rather not face these energies. The easiest way to ignore uncomfortable energies is to numb; this is why Scorpio, as well as the other water signs: Cancer + Pisces, have reputations for addictive behaviors. It is truly unfortunate witnessing powerful watery souls numbing themselves and denying themselves evolution - these souls have the ability to look past the illusion you present to the world and love every inch of you - which is why they struggle with letting go. In Cancer, the energy attaches to another soul to provide sustenance + nurturance to them, in essence, mothering the soul. In Pisces, the energy flows effortlessly along another to provide unconditional love + spiritual understanding. Though, in Scorpio, the energy pierces another soul to provide power + transformation - think of the Scorpion, the symbol of Scorpio, it creeps up on you, latches on, and stings you - dispersing venom throughout your body - chemically changing you. Psychically, this may be what we're experiencing when we encounter strong Scorpio energy; it's no wonder our society has given them a bad rep. Though, we need Scorpio's "venom," we need to be transformed. Remaining comfortable in our old layers of skin may seem like the logical + safe course, but in reality, it creates pain. Not just for yourself, which surely should be your first concern, but also to others. We're all in this together - your energy affects me, my energy affects you - and if your energy is stagnant + building layers of old, outdated behaviors + patterns that aren't giving you any power, I'm effected by it. In order for us to positively progress humanity, we need change. We must understand that the removal of layers does not represent the end - it merely represents a new beginning. 

On Sunday, the Moon shifts into Pisces, the Spiritual Guide, and we reach our Last Quarter Phase, be mindful of what needs to be released - get serious about it - because a Scorpio transformation may result in substantial new power in relationships, but don't forget that Pisces is mutable and may need a bit of a push to cut the cords.