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Moon in Pisces

Hello Moonchild!
Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, 
and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


The Last Quarter Moon (Emotions) is in Pisces, the Mystic, the Escape Artist, the Dreamer. The Last Quarter Phase brings us the energy to complete unfinished work from this Moon cycle that began on April 5th; however, Pisces is mutable, so we may be feeling slightly lost if we haven't been diligent this past month - you may feel overwhelmed as you look back - so much to do, so little time can often be the emotions of this time period. This is a time of powerful transformation - where we integrate the lessons learned + knowledge gained into our lives - and when in Pisces, it is imperative to lean into the surrender rather than cling to outdated/outworn habits and associations. Anything less and you're moving against the natural flow of evolution. To deny growth and change is to deny reaching your greatest potential. If you've been feeling stuck anywhere in your life, really take this time to focus on all the excess that may be blocking your freely flowing energy. A New Moon - meaning a New You - is right around the corner, and this upcoming cycle will be focusing on everything you value most in your life, as the Moon will be in Taurus, the Fixed + Feminine Builder of Dreams. If you're unsure of what you value, try writing out a list of your values and see if they line up with your current life. You may find some discrepancies between your values and your current lifestyle - that is OK, you can always adjust! You are never fixed to one way of living, you do have the potential to change and to grow. Take the first step towards wholeness by acknowledging you need to make a change, and then begin making small changes towards your goal. Taurus understands the importance of having good values, which is why we often associate Taurus with "Treat yo'Self" energy. But also, Taurus can be stubborn and prone to stagnancy in favor of "the good life." Observe where you may be holding yourself back and be compassionate with your process of change, however fast or slow it may be, it isn't a race.