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Moon in Pisces

Hello Moonchild!
Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing,
and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


The Balsamic Moon is in Pisces, the Dreamer, the Idealist, the Spiritual Healer. Time feels quiet right now. The New Moon in Aries early Friday morning will be ripe for new beginnings. The fire within us is ready to spread - but to where and how far? We need to keep fire contained or else it will destroy areas that were not meant to be scorched. Sometimes, we need fire - in fact, if it wasn't for fire - the scorching sun - we wouldn't have life. So, Fire is incredibly important to our survival, but it is only useful if we know how to harness it. As an Aries Sun native, I understand the dangers of allowing fires to go askew. There have been numerous times, and I'm sure even more to come, where I acted or behaved hastily and aggressively. I was constantly wondering why bad things kept happening to ME. I was trying my best and doing as I was told, and yet, I was still angry and still feeling unacknowledged. I was allowing a fire to spread - my inner turmoil began to set everything ablaze. I overreacted to every criticism, I took the opinions of strangers personally, I wanted the entire world to burn. But what I really needed was to control the fire within. I am a deeply passionate human, so my passions need to be directed. My first step was removing myself from everything that which I cannot control. I began to focus entirely on only the things I could control - my environment, my movement, my choice of nutritious foods, my expression in writing and creating - after focusing on these controllable factors, I found myself feeling lighter, happier, and more spiritually fulfilled. The beginning of each lunar cycle provides us with the opportunity to begin again. You are never tied to your past layers - once they have been shed, they are gone. Acknowledge where you may be holding yourself to a past version of yourself and therefore limiting your potential to grow and be more powerful. There is always somewhere in our lives that needs refining. It could be as simple as reversing the idea that you're not a "morning person." Well, maybe this morning you weren't a "morning person," but maybe tomorrow you will be or you could be? And what exactly is a "not a morning person"? Does this person not enjoy sunrises or morning dew? Does this person dislike the sun in all it's morning glory? Why are we limiting our abilities? Do we realize how much of life we could be experiencing if we just let go of this stories we tell ourselves?

I hope this New Moon in Aries has you reaching for your place in the world - we all have one! But remember what happens to uncontrolled fires. Plan cautiously, but not conservatively. You need to make a mark, but at what cost?

Thank you for reading along with me. I wish you infinite blessings on your path today and always.
Be Well!