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Moon in Libra

Hello Moonchild!
Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


Mother Moon is transiting Cardinal Air Libra, the Balance, providing our intuition + emotions with the ability to regulate + command; with Father Sun, in Cardinal Water, Cancer, the Crab, our active egos are feeling tense + ready for action - they are forming a square aspect between them, and we are given the first quarter moon phase. We’re one week away from the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn -  the Earth (material realm) will be passing between the Moon (emotions) + the Sun (identity.) The Earth will be casting a partial shadow onto the Moon, blocking it’s usual illumination when the Sun is directly opposite the Moon (Full Moon.) So, this Full Moon phase will be dark - and judging by the aspects I’m seeing, it surely will be transformative for all! 

Venus, the planet that brings us love, harmony, balance into our lives, is also transiting Cancer, and it will be conjunct our North Node point, meaning we’re taking steps towards a harmonious path. Though, you won’t get there without some adjustments (growth) - we need to let our lights shine. All movement towards full expression of the self will be rewarded - but the catch is that we need to do work to get there. Routine. Duties. Menial tasks. Health (mental + physical.) If you find yourself nit-picking or overanalyzing others, awaken to where you’re neglecting your duties instead - there’s always upkeep that needs to happen - where could you put in some extra work yourself? 

The Partially Illuminated Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (with Saturn pretty tight in there, too), opposite the Sun, North Node + Venus in Cancer, tells me that our limiting emotions will be strongly aware of our necessary path towards full expression of self + harmony in our environments. If you’re not in alignment with your soul’s true purpose, and you’ve been delaying your evolution, there may be a crisis during this time - something needs to end, something wants to begin. Where is it all happening for you? 

If you need help confirming what needs to change + what is ready to be expressed, look to your astrological birth chart, and find the symbols for Cancer + Capricorn, and find 24 degrees within each section - wherever 24 degrees falls in Capricorn, that is what is being transformed/destroyed, and wherever 24 degrees Cancer is - that is where you’re ready to express yourself fully. 

When structures are dismantling, it is easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment and do something you may regret later. Structures keep us safe from the storms, so having a storm in your environment can create quite a bit of “fight or flight” stress responses. I want you to know that it’s ok to feel these emotions - it is even ok to fight or flight, I don’t recommend it, but sometimes it happens - and if it happens, well, the best thing you can do is awaken to where you fumbled and apologize + ask for forgiveness - to yourself + whoever you may have bruised. 

Sometimes you may find that fighting or flighting is the only way - especially in abusive situations…in these cases, do take care with yourself + others - do what you need to do to find safety. It is never ok to be held against your will - emotionally or physically - your divine right is to be free. 

I’m the type (Aries Sun native, ruling part of 6th + 7th houses, and Libra Ascendent) who could go either way - sometimes I detach (Libra) and sometimes I fight (Aries) - it all depends on the situation, I suppose; though I’ve been working towards taming those impulses and have found the best success with a regular meditation routine. The best response is to always investigate - why are you feeling this way? - why are they feeling this way? - remain open + curious to the pain, and welcome the connection between your mind + body. React with curiosity + kindness and watch how your world evolves. 

My wish is that you follow your passion with compassion, and never have to explain why. 

Thank you for reading along with me this week. 

Be Well


Jilly xo