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Moon in Gemini

Hello Moonchild!
Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


The Moon (Emotion) is in Gemini (the Twins,) welcoming duality into our consciousness. Is there something that needs to be said? Have you already said it? We're noticing our abilities to articulate our big dreams. Mercury (Communication) is conjunct Pluto (Transformation,) both in Capricorn (the Father,) and a fixation on control is highlighted - we need to know we're using our inner power wisely. The Father within all of us is asking us to take command of our lives and to tend to our responsibilities. The Sun (Ego) is hanging beside the South Node of the Moon, illuminating our past selves - this is a rare opportunity - we have the chance to transform into stable, more secure versions of ourselves, while taking notes from the past, and making adjustments for proper alignment. 

The climate is heavy - there are currently 7 planetary bodies positioned in Capricorn - Cardinal Earth energy is pulsating in our consciousness, making us all more aware of our own gravity. The North Node of the Moon, our soul's North Star, is in Cancer (the Mother;) our collective's answer to the unbearable weight of Father Time is to soften. We've been too rigid, or we've been put into positions of prolonged restriction - whatever the case may be for you - the only thing you can do right now is to surrender. The Moon in Gemini has been sharing it's dual perspective with you, and the lessons from the past are being made more clear - be kind to yourself, and release control of the story you're in. As the Moon moves into Cancer tonight, we can expect a couple of days of emotional exchanges as she opposes the 7 planets; beginning with Pholus (Catalyst of Change,) Saturn (Structure), Chariklo (Intricate Intelligence,) Pluto, Mercury, and finally, the Sun - right before we reach the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo this Sunday night. Dramatic releases from restrictive environments are bound to be heard in the traveling word. If you're a participant of this great release, recall the importance of kindness - it is for our karmic benefit - be good to your souls.