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Moon in Capricorn

Hello Moonchild!
Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


The Moon (Emotion) is in Cardinal Earth - Capricorn, and for the next couple of days our moods are in-tune with creating structure and focusing on responsibility, something we may have been missing the past week or so - Pisces season began on the 19th, leaving the collective in a bit of a dreamworld. Our egos (Sun) and our Thoughts (Mercury) are both in this mutable water, and depending on how well your gravity meshes with water, you're either sinking or swimming. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, where all of the knowledge collected from Aries-Aquarius has accumulated - this is where we ascend to the spirit realm completely, and those of us who may struggle with this route of spirituality could be experiencing some difficult emotions. Make space for your friends who are having trouble closing up their lessons from their Ego + Thinking astrological year. And if you are one of the travelers who needs a friend - make sure you're reaching out. This weekend provides us with opportunities for some enjoyment if we're open to receiving it!

The Sun in Pisces, the Spiritual Healer, will be making a harmonious aspect to Mars (Passion) in Taurus (the Builder,) for the next few days - when the Sun and Mars are forming a sextile, the energy is conducive for passion, fun, and group activities; though there may be a few feathers that require smoothing over - our Egos may get in the way of our sources of nurturance, and our minds may be wrapped up in our future, cleverly devising a course to our dreams. Uranus, our rebellion, our revolution, our uniqueness - will be aspecting Venus (Love/Harmony/Partnerships/Aesthetics,) the Moon, and Asteroid Goddesses, Pallas Athene (creative intelligence/wisdom,) and Vesta (devotion to higher causes, the "eternal flame.")

The Collective is experiencing a revolution with how we view the feminine - and Uranus will be entering Taurus, a feminine + Venusian sign, on March 6th for the next 7 years - our next evolution will be divinely feminine. It is my belief, and observation, that those who resist the feminine are experiencing the most difficulties in relating to others right now. It can be difficult assimilating if you're coming from a place of fear and aggression - others may be showing love + kindness where normally there would be conflict - it may seem fake, or suspicious if you've never truly experienced full acceptance of the human condition. If you are capable, do your best to help others find comfort in this shift - reassure them that by embracing love and vulnerability we can begin to heal ourselves.  

Throughout this weekend, the opportunity to connect with those on our North Node's Path to Destiny will be available - keep track of those you come into contact with the next few days and how they may be helping you to stay on your course. 

Venus enters fixed air, Aquarius (the Waterbearer, the Innovator, the Genius,) this weekend, and the Moon will join Venus on 3.2.19 @ 2:06 pm EST.