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Moon in Capricorn

Hello Moonchild!
Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


The Moon (Emotions) is in reliable, hardworking Capricorn (the Seagoat,) right before the New Moon in Aquarius (the Waterbearer) on Sunday at 4:04 pm EST. This is the clean-up period before we begin a new cycle, and Capricorn will make sure we're getting the work done well. Take one more discriminating eye along your cords and cut whichever is still holding you down. 

The next few days will be tense, as Mars (Energy/Passion) in it's home sign of Aries (the Warrior) will be squaring up with Pluto (Transformation/Subconscious Desires) in Capricorn. Both planets are sitting on high energy degrees of the zodiac - Mars is feeling combative and defensive, while Pluto is racing the competition - when their energies are challenged by one another the result can be explosive. You may be feeling the clock ticking a bit louder, and if you've yet to transform + align with the proper team for the competition, then be forewarned that you may take out Mars' combative energy on all those who are standing in your way. Be aware of the potential irrationality of others. Regardless, it will be a great weekend for athletics of all sorts. 

Over the next several days and weeks, there will be opportunities being presented to us to align our visionary goals and aspirations with compassionate, structured aid -  though, we must look at each opportunity carefully, as some may be deceiving; be sure you're investing your energy into the right sources. Remain grounded in your values + ideals, and do not sway. 

The New Moon in Aquarius on Sunday brings images to my mind of New Age methods of communication + analysis rooted in ancient ancestral wisdom taking center stage in our collective. The Universe's cycles are becoming more clear, and we're feeling the pull to reach for this higher knowledge. This New Moon would be a good time to begin rituals or traditions which help you feel more interconnected with the Universe - kundalini yoga, astrology, and numerology can provide you with knowledge that can be used as an internal compass. You may also be interested in seeking guides and sources which can help you better understand your evolutionary purpose in this life. Grasp for the higher knowledge of your ancestors, and be rewarded with unusual + potent insight that may rattle your walls.