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Moon in Aquarius


Hello Moonbabes,

Happy Moonday - Mother Moon is in Forward-Thinking Aquarius. 

In the Natural Chart, this puts her in the 11th House.

The 11th House holds all of our networks: friend + community groups, the internet, electricity, astrology. It’s planetary associations are Uranus, and traditionally, Saturn.

The Energy you’ll encounter today will be objective and tolerant.

Today we have a rather large energetic shift - Jupiter, the Expansive creative planet that rules wealth, big business, indulgences, philosophy, travel - is leaving it’s home sign of Sagittarius to travel through Capricorn for the next year. 

So, if you’ve been feeling the weight of gravity pulling you down to commit to one path, you’re right on track - because that’s precisely what you need to do - slow it down and commit. Sagittarius isn’t one for discipline, it is the Mutable Fire sign of the Zodiac, so it’s adaptable and free-spirited, and it’s neighboring sign of Capricorn is the exact opposite - it’s the Cardinal Earth sign of the Zodiac, the last Cardinal sign of the Zodiac, and it ushers in the beginning of Winter - a time when resources and a good plan are vital for survival. Capricorn Energy is the natural evolution of limitless expansion and a bohemian, hedonistic lifestyle, to stability, predictability, and structure. Bascially, it’s going from College Life to “The Real World.” From Thirsty Thursday (which, btw, is the day ruled by Jupiter/Sagittarius) to Home Improvement Saturday (the day ruled by Saturn/Capricorn.) 

Jupiter, is one of our lucky planets - it’s one of our Benefic planets, that also includes Venus, so it brings opportunity and enhances beauty in our lives. 

While in Capricorn, Jupiter will be blessing your Capricorn house(s) with opportunities to stabilize, to enhance your public image and wealth, and to be recognized for your contributions to your work and career. Though, it comes with a price - and that price is hard work - discipline - grit. The time is NOW to put into practice self-regulation. Work must come first - though, don’t be intimidated - if you’ve ever partied with a Capricorn before, then you know they like to get down - they just know you need to work hard to play hard later. 

2020 is going to be a year of huge growth for everyone. We’re adding Jupiter to the already heavy Capricorn energy in the Cosmos - next to Saturn, the South Node, and Pluto - though, I feel as though this Jupiter in Capricorn energy is exactly what we need to survive + stabilize 2020 - though, be warned, this is NOT a time for extravagances - I highly recommend keeping a close eye on your finances; historically speaking, Jupiter in Capricorn brings recessions. So, be mindful of your spending, seek sustainability over quick fixes.
Also, all this Capricorn/Earth energy means a lot of pressure on your skeletal structure - bones, teeth, nails, and skin - so be sure you’re caring for these and getting enough calcium and minerals, as well as paying attention to your form + posture. And find ways to heat your body up - Capricorn is cold energy, so expect this Winter to be extra cold - find a sauna, apply heat compresses, and warm up your body daily. 

That’s all I have for you today...Early Tomorrow morning Mother Moon enters Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac, and ruler of 12 House matters - an emotional cycle is ending, and another is beginning. 

Be Well. Best, Jilly xo