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Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

Hello Moonchild!
Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


Mother Moon has transitioned into Capricorn, the Sage, the Authority, the Mentor, and will be opposing the Sun in Cancer, the Chariot, the Crab, the Caretaker at 5:38 pm EDT; typically this configuration results in an illuminated Full Moon in our heavens; however, the Earth will be stationed between the Moon + the Sun, casting a shadow on the Moon, and resulting in darkness. Of course, if you're in the United States, the Sun will still be out and this event will not be visible - though, the psychological effects will be felt, not suddenly, but overtime - it may take up to 6 months for the complete unveiling of this Lunar Eclipse's chapter. Lunar Eclipses result in quite a bit of confusion - if you're familiar with the Tarot, then refer to Key 18 - the Moon - the physical is mysterious; we may feel like we're crawling in the darkness...the reflection of ourselves is still emerging...things may feel a bit murky. Our Egos (Sun) in Cardinal Water Cancer will lead with intuition + emotions - our Hearts (Venus) are aligned with our path; we know where harmony + love reside for us, and we know it is going to take a lot of effort to reach it - do it anyways. Your best option this Eclipse is to transform - this may look like: quitting your day job to focus on your dream job, having a baby, starting/ending a relationship, moving -  your commitment to your growth will lead to fated encounters that will propel you towards your destiny. Choose growth. Let go of stagnancy. 

The challenge will be worth your effort - the Heavens are forming a Cardinal Square between the Sun, the Moon, Haumea in Libra (trans-Neptunian object,) and Eris in Aries (trans-Pluto dwarf planet.) Powerful Action. Haumea + Eris are outer planets with very long orbits (Haumea - 283 year orbit, Eris - 556 year orbit,) so they stay in the same degrees for a bit of time, widening our perspectives + consciousness for the long term lessons - though, they have been engaging in + out of opposition for a couple of years - our psyches have been flooded with the awareness of our inner strength + unbounded creativity resulting in speaking our truth + battling for it against all odds. Haumea is the Hawaiian creation Goddess - youthful, strong, flexible + very fertile; Eris is the Goddess of Strife + Discord - warrior of truth + justice, the sister to Mars, protector of the underdog.

Cardinal Energy is Full Power + Control - it is the Energy that begins all great advancements - it is the Energy of innovative change + beginnings. A Cardinal Square is telling me the energy for new creation + new movement is strong + tense - rules will be broken + rules will be made; empires will crumble + empires will begin.  The Rules + Empires may be the focal point, since these are governed by Capricorn energy. The Moon will be in the 1st House of our Identity/Independence, the Sun will be in the 7th House of our Partnerships/Harmony, Haumea will be in our 10th House of our Public Image/Career/Outer Security, and Eris will be in our 4th House of our Home/Family/Inner Security.

The Divine Feminine energy of this Cardinal Square should be acknowledged - something soft, loving, + nurturing is breaking through. Allow it to unfold. 

Jupiter, our abundance + opportunity, in Sagittarius, the Philosopher, will be leading our soul's rising - opportunities will be knocking on your door, try your best to grab them when they pop-up, because they may not be around forever. Saturn (Lord of Karma) in Capricorn will be conjunct the South Node (Collective Karma,) and opposite Venus (Harmony + Finances.) When Saturn + the South Node are conjunct, we are faced with our karma - and when they are both opposite Venus, the heart strings (or the wallet) will be pulled (either up or down, depending on your soul's karma.) Either way, there's a strong energy of releasing the old - karmic contracts/debts - to reach a more harmonious + nurturing destiny. 

Neptune, our Dreams + Spirituality, is flowing effortlessly + in-tune with our soul's path, so be sure you're paying attention to your dreams and/or meditating. This is not the time for escapism into drugs or addictive behaviors.  Pluto, our Transformation + Power Dynamics, is only a couple of degrees from being conjunct the Moon + opposite the Sun - death may be weighing heavily on your mind - obsessive emotions may consume you. If you find yourself attempting to escape from the challenges + opportunities being presented to you at this time, please seek help + guidance. This energy I'm observing is heavy for everyone - some of us do not have stable support systems, and many more of us haven't healed from past (or generational) traumas, so I'm sending out prayers that you find the inner strength of Haumea to keep adapting + evolving with the ebbs + flows of your life. You are here for a reason. Your life holds meaning + purpose. Keeping searching - you'll find where you're meant to be.