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Full Moon in Pisces

Hello Moonchild!
Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


Mother Moon is in her fall, Capricorn, the Seagoat, where we trade compassion + intuition for structure + prestige. Every time the Moon is in Capricorn, she passes by the current cluster of Capricorn energies in our heavens - Saturn, the South Node of the Moon, and finally, Pluto. Each Capricorn Moon phase is allowing us to step into our authority, release our collective karma, and transform our structures - it's a lot of work we're expected to do each month, but it will all be worth it in the end. Saturn will enter Aquarius on March 23, 2020, and the South Node will reach Sagittarius by May 2020, so keep progressing and carrying the weight, the taskmaster only wants to see you reach your highest potential. 

Thirty-two minutes past midnight on this upcoming Saturday, the Sun and Moon will be opposing one another in the heavens, providing us with a Full Moon and illuminating all that has been in the shadows. The Sun will still be in Virgo, the healer of the physical form, and the Moon will be in Pisces, the healer of the spiritual formless. Once a year we have a Full Moon in Pisces, and once a year we're gifted with the ability to release mental blockages that have been speed bumps on our path towards whole health. 

This Full Moon will present challenges in our home and relationships. We're shifting towards an ideal - perhaps even a castle in the sky - and we're ready to make the change. What is there left to do? Remove the invisible shackles. You are not tied to any one way of being or living. You are multidimensional, you can become any version of yourself. Dismiss the voices in your head telling you to adhere to an outdated + restrictive way of life. You are meant to live a happy and peaceful life - let go of victimhood or martyrdom - rise as a sovereign being. The heavy Capricorn energy is forcing you to become your own authority and to break free of the status quo. This will come as a shock to those in your home + family, as well as those you've partnered with. You need to move towards a healthier mindset, and that begins with a healthier connection to your body. Envisioning our ideal structure in our relationships and business will be of the utmost importance, and the Sun will be providing us with harmonious energy to make these transformations. 

There's a possibility for this Full Moon phase to bring out some lower Pisces energy - escapism, illusions, deceptions, and dependency - don't lose your ability to rationalize as your get swept up in the Piscean haze. The Moon will be 4 degrees from Neptune, with our collective's Midheaven in-between the two. If you're feeling the waves of emotions crash over you and you seek to escape through substances or others, remember, its just a phase, and care for your vessel. Nurture and hold yourself through the waves, you're meant to feel it all. I recommend water therapy during this Full Moon - take a warm bath or soak your feet. Cleanse yourself of the energies you've accumulated since January when the Capricorn - Cancer Eclipses first began - you've been doing a lot of work since then, its perfectly acceptable to surrender now. 

The energy of this Full Moon is clustered at our roots and at our public image - take care of your home and closest relationships first before you float towards that castle in the sky. Your ideal life is on the other side of your fear. Do it with love and love will return back to you. 

Sending you love from my multidimensional being to yours.

Be Well

Jilly xo