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Full Moon in Aquarius

Hello Moonchild!

Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for ourpaths crossing, and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


Mother Moon has entered Aquarius - the Water Bearer, the Humanitarian, the Progressive - where it will reach its peak fullness for this cycle on Thursday morning, 8/15, at 8:29 AM EDT. This Full Moon will be reflecting it’s big beautiful light on the Leo Sun, who’s also dancing with Venus (love + pleasure), Juno (commitment + partners), and Mars (passion + aggression).

Full moons correlate to a completion, a peak or culmination in energy, and the developed insight of things necessary to shed. During this time, the full moon acts as a mirror, reflecting the sun’s light back to itself. The full moon gives us the time to emotionally embody the sun’s light, creating space in our hearts to process the moon’s wisdom.

The Moon in Aquarius guides our emotions towards the collective wellbeing, though it may want to stay aloof and detached, it struggles as it highlights the Sun in Leo. The Sun is exalted in this position, giving us a chance to feel how delicious it is to be ourselves. The Aquarius moon asks us - how have we been feeding ourselves? Are our passions and pleasures aligned with our best selves, for the greater good? Are we living authentically in our light? How committed are we to our self expression? How, or where do we need to release things that are not serving our Light?

You see, Moonchild, the collective starts with You, the individual. Your happiness and wellbeing is extremely important in balancing the collective. Each and every one of us make up the whole, and with that in mind, we know that caring for the Self is caring for the Collective. Leo aims to bring childlike joy + pleasure to all, while Aquarius aims to innovate + serve its environment. You are able to bear witness of this polarity in effect because the highest vibration of Leo is radiant, authentic self-expression that inspires others to do the same, while the highest vibration of Aquarius is creating a world that is safe + open for individuals to express themselves authentically. This polarity offers us the chance to see how the Self and the Collective are not separate, but the Whole. 

The Collective is shifting in big ways. You may notice it on your timelines, the television, your inbox, or simply your communities. Our value systems are shifting, as we can see by Aquarius’ ruler, Uranus (awakening + invention), stationing retrograde in Taurus. Uranus is known to be sudden, electrifying, and rebellious. The fixed earth energy of Taurus slows down its momentum, but cannot cushion it’s shock-factor. In fact, this placement may even bring more shock, given that Uranus is awakening us to how we view value + pleasure in our lives. Some of us may find that our value is not connected to our things, but to ourSelves, while others may find that they have been neglecting themselves so much that they have no things, or simply, how we have enjoyed our lives isn’t the same anymore. Uranus’ effects might be sudden, but its transit is slow (7 years), so give yourself time to process + rebuild with the collective as your value system and needs change. It will take some time to fully create the new system Uranus is enlightening you to move into, so keep that in mind when processing the collective’s change. Remember - your energy is impacting the world in big ways, too.

The Moon will move into dreamy, mystical, empathetic Pisces just 12 hours after it becomes full, at 8:49 PM EDT. As it wanes into Pisces, observe how your Self + your creations impact the world around you. Observe what it means to be You, how it feels to be You, and how You are connected to the beauty and individuality you aspire to create in this world. Be not afraid to change, or seek a new course during this time, if your Light is guiding you that way. Whatever you may be moving through this moon cycle, I trust you will do it with grace + beauty. 


The light in me honors the light in you;


~ Alexis Kelli