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Hello Moonchild!

Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, and I hope my work can warm your heart today.

Today, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year's Eve! Take time to pause and reflect on the lessons the Sun has taught you about yourself these past 12 months. Your next chapter is about to begin. 

The Waning Moon (Releasing Emotion) is in Scorpio (the Phoenix) - layers are shedding, falling away...and we can penetrate deeply within each other and touch one another's soul - releasing control of our relationships, and surrendering to the unknown.  Emotions are intense and may reach boiling points for some. Be mindful. 

Our current challenges lie in our ability to express our passions - Mars in Pisces is currently squaring Mercury in Sagittarius - though, we can rest assured, Mars will be entering its home sign of Aries tonight, and we will have the energy and motivation to finally move forward. Our North Node of Destiny is still calling us all to heal our past traumas. Within us, the energy of Eris in Aries - the Goddess of Chaos + Discord in her warrior brother's sign, is igniting our thought processes (in aspect to Mercury) and the usual fear that may hold us back from truly expressing ourselves is nowhere to be found. We feel spiritually transformed and proud of our scars - the warrior within each of us has been awoken. 

Ceres (Nurturance) in Scorpio is in conflict with Juno (Loyal Partner) in Taurus. This New Year's is bound to feel a bit lonely for most. What we need and who we need are not in sync at this moment. Try to release your expectations of how things should be and just be. You're never alone - look up from where you are, speak to the ones closest to you - welcome them into your heart. This feeling will not last forever, and it is necessary for you right now. Take this alone time to be with yourself - the person you need the most. Celebrate yourself tonight. 

The Moon moves into Sagittarius (the Seeker) on January 2, 2019 at 3:58 am EST.