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Hello Moonchild!

Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, and I hope my work can warm your heart today. 

Today: December 24, 2018

The Moon (Emotion) has moved into Leo (the Star) after a couple of emotionally charged days in it's home of Cancer (the Mother.) This past Saturday, we entered the Full Moon Phase while the Moon was still in Cancer, and the collective felt strong urges to release their inner pain and grief in the comfort of others. This Cancer Full Moon was felt more strongly due to its conjunction with the Moon's North Node of Destiny - our collective path towards nurturing, sustaining, and mothering - a deeply feminine energy soaking our souls. The turn has been towards the mother figure, and how we can best support her during a time of nearly impossible transformation. The conflict between masculine and feminine energy is reaching a threshold and the only way to resolve this societal dispute is to accept the interconnectedness of life and surrender to the unknown. The pains of our unhealed mothers stay with her children, creating rippling effects throughout the collective. Mother Moon wants us to acknowledge her pain and heal ourselves from this ancestral baggage - and she knows it is extraordinarily heavy, so she asks us to approach it with love + kindness and to give yourself time to process each and every emotion you feel. 

The Moon may encompass feminine energy, but it is energy within all of us. Each of us are masculine and feminine, regardless of our pronouns. Many women discover their instinctive connection to the Moon's energy early on, and many of the astrological characteristics of the Moon or Cancer - emotional, dependent, maternal - are used to stereotype women. It is our duty as a collective to banish these gendered stereotypes and embrace male vulnerability. The collective is becoming increasingly aware of how the repression of men's emotion results in dangerous despair and aggression towards oneself or others. If you identify as a man, give yourself the space and time to process your emotions regularly, seek help or guidance, and be kind to yourself. All of us must acknowledge the complex inner worlds of everyone we're surrounded by - encourage one another to feel or to cry in the safety of another's arms. Destroy the idea that men do not feel the same emotions as women, and feel the power that comes with embracing the divine feminine within you. 


Currently in the cosmos:


Jupiter (Expansion/Abundance) in it's home sign of Sagittarius (the Archer) is freely exchanging energy with Vesta (Commitment to Goddess Purity) in Aquarius (the Humanitarian.) 

We're setting forth on our path, to seek knowledge and abundance, and we're feeling the free flowing energy to remain true to ourselves for the greater good. Self-preservation is currently highlighted in our minds - what good can we do for others if we are unwell?  

Ceres (Sustainer of Nurturance) in Scorpio (the Phoenix) is freely exchanging energy with Chariklo (Ambassador to Spiritual Wisdom) in Capricorn (the Sage.) 

Transformations in head of household or transfers of parental power dynamics are easily accomplished by the wisdom + aid of our traditional structures. Friends and family are here to help you, be sure you're thanking your guides. 



Pluto (Transformation + Power) in Capricorn is challenging Pallas Athene (Divine Intelligence + Higher Wisdom) in Libra (the Diplomat.) 

We may feel a bit of resistance from those with conflicting opinions on how to best transform our higher minds and structures - pick your battles wisely + listen to the viewpoints of others. There is wisdom in each of us. 

North Node in Cancer is challenging Uranus Retrograde (re-Innovation + re-Rebellion) in Aries (the Warrior.) 

Our collective path towards holding compassion for all of Earth's children is still in it's beginning stages - we're working out how we can do this while still maintaining our independence and originality. Cancer is known for it's shadow aspect of dependency, but we're not going to fall back on old patterns - we spent the past 7 years blazing a new trail for ourselves, and we're not about to lose it now. Write out your ideas for the future + lean into the ones that are innovative + different. 

Mercury (Communication + Intellect) in Sagittarius is challenging Neptune (Dreams + Illusions) in Pisces (the Spiritual Healer.) 

We have so much to communicate - we have learned so much in this past year, about ourselves and the world, and we have the energy to color our communications with idealistic and illusionist expressions. Watch for exaggerations of the mystical sort, and take everything lightly - we're all travelers looking to share our stories, so give someone the gift of uninterrupted airtime, without challenging their moment. Self-expression is necessary for healing. 


The Moon moves into Virgo (the Maiden) on 12/26 at 12:49 pm EST.