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Hello Moonchild!

Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


The Moon (Emotion) is in Aquarius (the Inventor,) and we're 2 days into the New Moon Phase following the Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (the Sage) on Saturday past. The New Moon Phase is best used when an intention is declared that you intend to commit to during the Moon's new cycle. The air is abundant with the energy for new beginnings - but also, some painful endings.   

Capricorn is Cardinal Earth - Cardinal signs are the natural leaders, and in Capricorn, it represents peak achievement. Earth signs are the builders - their talents lie in the material realm; however, Capricorn is the only Earth sign that is part land, and part water. Represented by the Sea Goat, Capricorns have the unusual ability (for an Earth sign) to connect with the spirit realm, and typically dream of events yet to occur. The challenge for Capricorns in this life is to overcome the need for outside acknowledgement of talents - their Inner Power may be the strongest of the Zodiac, and yet, many struggle with perfectionism, preventing them from ever reaching their full potential. Once a Capricorn conquers their insecurity, their drive for success is unstoppable and they are capable of climbing the highest of mountains with their strategic, slow + steady pace.  

You may be feeling tested right now - things may seem harder to accomplish than usual - your legs may feel sluggish and like concrete has been poured over them. Surrender to Father Time - give him your attention, all he needs is reassurance that you've taken care of all the fine details before heading onto your new path. If he is asking you to slow down, listen to him - this is for your long-term benefit! 

 The Moon moves into Pisces (the Mystic) on 1/9/19 at 2:44 pm EST.