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Hello Moonchild!

Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, and I hope my work can warm your heart today.

Today, January 2, 2019

The Waning Moon (Emotion) is in Sagittarius (the Archer) - the collective's emotions are optimistically wandering and we may feel strongly connected to our belief systems the next couple of days. 

The Sun (Ego) is currently meeting with Saturn (Security) - both in dutiful + ambitious Capricorn. Saturn is our teacher, and we're being tasked with stepping into our power - are we prepared to take on the responsibility that comes with following our true path? Are we breaking the patterns that have kept us feeling stuck? Collectively, we're all feeling a bit more serious right now - more so if you have planets in Capricorn in your natal chart. Look to the Capricorn section of your natal chart to see what themes you are applying a solid structure to right now. 

Today, our emotions are effortlessly focused on our passions - as Mars (Energy) is in the early degrees of it's home sign, Aries, and it is working with the Moon's current fiery energy. Tomorrow, these strong emotions will help us to further expand when Jupiter (Abundance) in Sagittarius meets with the Moon - be mindful of your indulgences and how you speak to others right now - the strong Sagittarian energy these next couple of days will have us speaking our minds and dreaming big - just be sure you aren't steamrolling over others.

We're in the thick of large scale changes to how we care for ourselves - with a year full of retrogrades, multiple oppositions between Uranus (Innovation/Rebellion) and Venus (Love/Harmony,) and the current transits between Pluto (Transformation) with both Juno (Loyal Partner) and Ceres (Nurturance) - many of us are waking up to how we show-up for ourselves and how some of our past behaviors have been hindering us from reaching our full potential. This week we have the stamina and insight to make some big changes that will have positive effects for us long-term. Use this energy wisely. 

The Moon moves into Capricorn (the Sage) on 1/4/19 at 1:55 pm EST.