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Hello Moonchild!
Thank you for your support. I am eternally grateful for our paths crossing, and I hope my work can warm your heart today.


The Moon (Emotion) remains in Pisces (the Mystic) painting our insights with romantic flair - or challenging us with unbalanced emotions. The key to a Pisces Moon is to flow. Whatever emotion approaches your Earthly body, tune into it, sit with it, learn from it, and release it to the heavens - be mindful of any blockages you may have that prevent you from this simple act of self-care. It could be negative self-talk, or the idea that you're 'too busy' to nourish your soul. Sometimes it is a physical block - an environment not open to healing and processing + individuals who stifle your growth by shrinking your value. Make space for yourself. 

It is a challenge for most humans to learn their worth, and many are raised without any idea they are valuable. We see this play out very often in the lives of women - women being raised to be somebody's instead of somebody - and I believe, this great divide between low and high expectations between women and men, respectively, can be the catalyst in a woman's life towards healing and discovering wholeness. Though men are given the opportunities, many times they do not stop to even ask themselves if this opportunity is aligned with their purpose and goals for this lifetime. Men become what is expected of them, and some are happy with these choices, and others, I want to say most, are unhappy with these choices, and this energy flows through the collective disrupting our lives. Men must be more open to healing and the intimacy it involves. Shadow work + integration is messy, at first, but the result of this work is the most authentic version of you, and a calmness that comes with wisdom + acceptance. Seek out guides - strong healers are all around you - you may find one in your partner, mother, grandmother, or co-worker. 

I believe it is important for both men and women to be open to channels of healing between them. I have observed, personally and impersonally, how a woman will take teachings from a man and integrate the wisdom into her life - creating more wholeness within; however, the challenge comes when a woman attempts to guide a man. If the woman is met with resistance, she may react in a number of negative ways - withdrawal, anger, resentment, etc. This blockage towards healing that men have been conditioned to form is dangerous to all of society. Every human has trauma that they must work through. There is no escape to pain + suffering. In one way or another, we all experience it - some are worse than others, yes, but we all have something to work on. If you struggle with pin-pointing exactly what it is that is causing you pain, I highly recommend studying your natal (birth) chart - look for the planetary body Chiron (the Wounded Healer); (and if you're more advanced, look to the next wounded Centaur - Pholus.) The position that Chiron is in on your birth chart will give you an idea of where your greatest wound in this lifetime originates. This wound is also your greatest strength once you have worked through your healing. 

As an example, my natal Chiron is in the 8th house - sex, death, rebirth, taxes, inheritances; typically referred to as the "fruits" of a relationship. Having the Wounded Healer in this position instantly made sense to me, as I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Even more jarring, the first time I had an astrologer interpret my chart, she knew my wound was from childhood sexual abuse (and not necessarily any other 8th house matter,) due to the fact that Saturn was directly opposite Chiron when I was born. Saturn is ruled by Capricorn, the father archetype, or authority figure. My abuser was my stepfather. It has taken me decades to heal from this trauma, and I still work on it daily; however, this wound is my greatest strength - being at peace with my past means I can help others who share a similar story, and this brings me more joy and wholeness than I've ever experienced. 

I'm sharing this with you today, on 1/11, because many of us are going through difficult transitions and transformations - some are accepting of the change and challenges that come, and others may be resisting + escaping the work. Accept the challenge. Do the work. You may not recognize yourself one year from now, but thats ok, we aren't meant to remain the same. 

The Sun (Ego) in Capricorn (the Sage) is meeting with Pluto (Transformation) in Capricorn. Our identities are changing - especially if you have strong Cardinal energy in your chart. At the same time, the Sun and the Moon are exchanging cooperative energy, and big revelations of your inner potential may be the result, giving us the extra boost to continue on. The Sun is also strongly trining Juno (Intimacy) in Taurus (the Builder,) so our transformation will be effortlessly towards greater intimacy - the intimacy we have with ourselves - how we are truthful and care for ourselves - as well as how we welcome intimacy into our lives. There is no more time for games - we need to get real.

Jupiter (Abundance) in Sagittarius (the Archer) is beginning to tighten the square it is in with Neptune (Dreams) in Pisces. This aspect will be exact on Sunday, 1/13. Both planets are in their home signs, so the energy they are giving off to the collective is aligned; however, a square creates tension + action, and possible overindulgence. Both Jupiter and Neptune are planets of indulgence - Jupiter is excitable indulgence, while Neptune is introverted indulgence - both have tendencies to make escape routes when overwhelmed. Drugs are highlighted right now - be careful not to overdo it...we feel expansive and interconnected but slightly irritable because our path isn't direct...you don't need to make any big changes, start small + slow.  Try to stay connected to the Earth. Seek out grounding activities. 

The Moon moves into Aries (the Warrior) on 1/12 at 3:18 am EST. A new cycle of emotional lessons is here!