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Virgo Moon Botanicals

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15 mg Hemp - Limited edition

Chaga Chai Honey Lollipops

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Alchemical Treats

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Roasted Berry Pureed Lollipops

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all natural lollipops

All natural relief

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CBD Enhanced All-Purpose Salve

All natural skin care

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Products crafted with USA grown hemp oil and isolate. Always small batch. Always hand packaged.

All products are made to order. Please allow 2-3 days for the production of your order.

Virgo Moon Botanicals, featuring Medicated Delights by Jordy's Suckers

Established in 2014, Virgo Moon Botanicals works with the physical Earth to purify and align your mind and body with simple and trusted botanical methods.



Its Just A Phase Sticker

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I am able to formulate custom medicine for you! Need a stronger dosed capsule or liposomal solution? Or even higher dosed candy? Or perhaps something completely different? I have an extensive knowledge (and library) of herbal remedies, so I am not limited to what you see here on my site. Let's talk! Email me at virgomoonbotanicals@gmail.com

Why choose suppositories, tinctures, or suckers?